Thursday, 16 August 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

this is all the clothes i have aswell as a sissy colar with a bow on which attatches with a lock. that color then locks to my bra which is to attached to my panties. which is what i wear over my tights locked on by lockable steletos! :D im loving my sissy like atm MORE PHOTOS

Monday, 9 July 2012

I got some shoes of the internet recently. 4inch black pumps with two locks on each so I can be forced into my little sissy heels trying to walk around. I keep on wearing them in my room as much as possible and i absolutly love it! ill upload picture soon I'm about to go shopping get extentions and full make over And i cant wait. and there WILL be pictures!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

(pictures) my first (good quality) bra

Acouple of days ago on the 30th of may it was my birthday. To celebrate the occasion my friends brought me a bra i threw on my girlies pair of frilly panties and we when walked around town. i wore a tight shirt to mearly show my little girlie A12 boosted boobs. i tucked up my penis, peed sitting down and in all the excitement. couldnt help but give myself abit of a photo shoot in the cubical.  :D <3

Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hey all

I am looking for some assignments for me to do. mostly simple stuff would be nice but anything is welcome. I will try and do what I can. I have 3 pairs of panties 2 bras and some healed boots. I can buy some stuff i need but I don't want to spend more than 30. Along with Assignments for me to do by my self I was hoping to get some ideas about assignments to do with Friends (specificaly: girls who help me crossdress but im not sexualy active with). This can include shopping and otherstuff. I have nearly no limits for things to do at home. I don't do CBT, drawing blood, beastiality, insest, family members clothes. I like most other things. I am interesting in slowly venturing outside slightly and everso slightly more girlie.

(Pictures) My pathetic Sissy Journey so far!

This is from the first time i ever put on panties. I instantly felt so pretty and girly with nice lace panties pulling against my balls making me feel like a real girl with the back riding up my backside like a cute little panty thong. I spent this whole day playing with things inside of me. being submisive to females on the internet. 
I told two of my close friends about me being a pathetic sissy boi and they agreed to help me become the sissy i am today. I spent a night at one of their houses and They did my makeup helped with my hair. and gave me a water bra and some dresses for me to try on for them. They bourght me a pair of pink lacy panties in which i loved. It was realy embarassing i had an erection the whole night, and your can see in the third picture my dress is pointing forwards showing my little sissy clitty. It was the best night of my life.

 I decided to shave one of thighs in the bath recently. I felt all excited in my little sissy clitty the moment i even thought of shaving. From this i have started to shave both my thighs often. Its winter now and my thighs always get goose bumps from the chill and i feel like such a girl who needs tights. I love the thourght of dealing with all the problems girls have to deal with such as painful ankles from a long night in heals (unless im on the floor the whole time ;) ) and having to deal with shaving and periods. (if anyone has any good methods/ assignments for period training it would be most appretiated. :D thanks)  

 I was in melbourne recently and bought my second pair of panties. This time i had a look around to see what i liked best....and to take some photos ;). I finaly chose the cutest sissiest girliest, pathetic little panties I could. The sale woman asked "what size are you looking for" and i nerviously stutter back something along the lines of "shes just abit smaller than I am". I'm not sure if she picked up on the highly obvious fact they were for me or not. 

I wore the panties on the whole plane flight home it was about 4hours or so. and the most terrifying thing i had done. I practically held my shirt down while doing anything. To keep my little clitt in the panties i would need to pull them up to my belly button, but for them not to be see they would need to be at my waist. It was a erotic humiliating desition between the choice of Humiliation or comfort. I have worn the panties nearly every night since and I love them. They make me feel like the little pathetic sissy I am. :D